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Big Up! Christian Reggae Music


I have always known there was a connection between Reggae and Christianity – however we should overlook the secular portrayal of reggae music and celebrate the use of reggae in the Christian music industry.

On facebook I follow the hip-hop singer Andy Mineo aka. C-Lite who was featured on Lecrae’s “Background” single on his Rehab album – which is amazing. Okay, back to the who I follow, C-Lite was on a recent trip to Florida for a concert and took a picture of Benjah. Me the inquisitive person, did a lot of research and bu-yah!! Benjah is a GRAMMY nominated and Dove Award-winning songwriter, producer and Christian-reggae musician.  If you ever want to be taken from a different dimension of worship and enlightenment of God’s love and commands for us, he and Dillavou another acclaimed Christian-reggae musician, who has done a lot of collaborations with Benjah under the project, "LOVD ONES”, are the people you should be listening to.

Following Jah (Jehovah), from Benjah and Dillavou’s “Come Follow” has to do with a lot of abandonment of the material things of the world and a redirection of our perspective to God. For you it can mean a change of direction from the negative to a positive – personally you would know how it translates to you. Both musicians have shared their transformation from the world and their love for reggae to a devotion to Christ.

 Dillavou and Benjah 

Dillavou and Benjah

Listen to their LOVD ONES

Even if you are not a follower of Christ, you would enjoy their beats and lyrics.

Peace up BREDREN!!!


Springing Forward….

Whenever spring comes, I always feel the need to try something different. Maybe a new me, setting new guidelines, new clothes, new nail polish, a new drink, a new hangout spot….maybe new friends.

I am officially on springbreak for the next 5days (weekends included) and I will make the most of my time. Heading to the city with my sister to join the other sister for some quality-sisterly-time. Whenever it’s me and my girls, we always make it happen. And when I mean make it happen, does not necessarily mean hopping for bar/club…it’s really quality time. City shopping, Nigerian food tasting and the usual…arguments (it’s one of our display of affections).

So, with this springing forward, I am embarking on a journey to my sketchbook. I haven’t touched my sketch book in over a year but with the recent perking up of the environment, my attitude, the ARISE Fashion week in Nigeria and my subscriptions to VOGUE and HARPERS bazaar….I am pouring out my energy to more sketching and even applied for an internship back home upon graduation (cross fingers and praying  to God).

Sometimes, I always wonder what my talents are, and then I look at my sketchbook and my poetry. I never thought I could pour so much emotion and myself into these two qualities of mine. And it is about time I really put my foot into it….so wait and see what the AsenathE can do….

Till then, I bid you farewell.


Tragedy and its careless spews

“As the night falls, let it not fall on your cold fragile body, let the lights not deem the strength in your eyes. Don’t let the rude awakening of reality ruin your daydream, nor the shrieks and tears from the wailing mothers childless arms. For in moments like this our strength and faith is tested, and perseverance leads us to a new life”.


It amazes me how people comfort others during times of tragedies. Their first words are, God knows what He is doing, or the end times are here…REPENT!!!! When do we ever just shut up and mourn with those in pain; Job’s friends sat with him without saying anything. However, many Christians are quick to judge and mount on their self-made pulpit with their hands slamming the banister, and spewing condemnations and forewarnings.

We look at the events that have occurred in the past few months, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Tunisia and Japan. There is no doubt these occurances are significant, but should we be worried, NO!!! God has given knowledge of several end time occurances, but ther is one thing we should know, “He is sovereign – Everything is under God’s control because God is original authority” – My pastor (Jerry Gillis). He is soverign over nations and over people, so we should not fear.

Though it says nation would rise against nation, famine and other natural disasters will occur during the last days. However, as Christians, we should be sharing a message of HOPE, of the gift of salvation. When we begin spewing out comments that the last days are coming on the street corners, on our facebook, the non-Christians would have more resistance to the gospel of Christ.

The next years, months, days, hours and minutes, are in the hands of God as He sums it up in Jesus Christ. Let us not bring judgement before it’s appointed time. Let us share a message of Love, Hope and Peace. Let us start living holy lives. I personally see all this as a sign that life is short, and that I have to work on my race with God. A lot of people do not the opportunity to know God and His saving Grace. I have had the chance of knowing about his love, but I live in a “religious illusion state of mind”. Surrendering all these worldly possessions is one of my biggest problems, but if that will hold me from heaven, I HAVE TO GIVE IT UP!!! No more fist pumping on Saturdays and hand worshiping on Sundays….I have to choose one.

For more info:

What is FEAR???

My mum defines FEAR as False Things Appearing Real, also known as:

a. A feeling of agitation and anxiety caused by the presence or imminence of danger.
b. A state or condition marked by this feeling
2. A feeling of disquiet or apprehension
3. Extreme reverence or awe, as toward a supreme power.
4. A reason for dread or apprehension
I will take option 4 for the win please. Now, I do not want to sound that I am a” scaredly cat”, nor the fact that my mum’s definition is false. Today, I took the leisure of browsing the usual news and I am always led to Naija (Nigerian) news. I fell upon this blog which has many information on the atrocities going on in my native Nigeria. The pictures, the news, especially those of my tribe brought me to tears.
I could only weep over my corrupt country, the demise in sanctity, morality and leadership.
What our government and people have done is to give ruthless kingpins the joystick of Nigeria to control. We do not have any direction of power, whether is bottom-up or up-down, everything is “jagajaga”(all over the place). There is no decorum, the honor of life, I am sick of this.
Look at me, across the continent, thinking of coming home one day, but when I see news like this it makes me cringe and fear what awaits me. Yes, things are changing, but there is no security!!! Girls being raped and killed. Governors embezzling money, people being kidnapped…it is absolutely ludicrous. There is no freedom of speech, no one can question the government without getting threatened or killed. The true people who can lead Nigeria are either dead, disinterested or afraid.
I am a believer in Biafra, but I don’t think Biafra will exist because they Igbo community is highly corrupt.
We need a cleansing of our country, we need to uproot these powers of control!! We need prayers, we need support from Nigerian exasperated of this garbage.
Home is where the heart is, and my heart is in Nigeria, but God forbid it does not get better.
I will, go home one day, not just home, to rebuild the waste land of Nigeria…but I don’t want this fear to overpower me.

One Season, One reason to live.

“As the night falls, let it not fall on your cold fragile body, let the lights not deem the strength in your eyes. Don’t let the rude awakening of reality ruin your daydream, nor the shrieks and tears from the wailing mothers childless arms. For in moments like this our strength and faith is tested, and perseverance leads us to a new life”.

To the people of Haiti, stay strong.

Happy new year to you everyone. It’s amazing how each year people make resolutions. Well…I, as an individual, am not into resolutions.  It’s encouraged in the Good Book aka the Bible, or it’s one of the most common trends of we humans. “Lose weight”, “Get a man in my life”, “Get a job”, “Make him propose”, “Be a better friend”….and the same rudimentary garbage rolls on, and it is either accomplished or not, really don’t care.

I noticed that I don’t follow rules, I don’t even follow my own rules, it takes me a lot of mind-bugging-effort to say “Okay, this is the end of this”. But then I realized that I want this year to be different, and I thought about it, and during my devotion I decided to give it a try to and I made it up in my head, yet to translate into my journal (if it ever gets there). The year 2010 is a very significant year, it is a whole number, it signifies an end to something and I have decided to put an end to all that I have held on to in the past.

I want to love more, care more, be in tune with my relationship with Christ, care less (of things that don’t matter of course), invest more, go beyond my horizon, travel again and again, and I want to give more of my time to service opportunities.

But then, when the year does not start as good as you thought it would be, what would you do???

Curse God, ask why you are a pest to Him??? I did. I cried. Many things have made me cry within this short period. Returning back to school and trying to overcome this hurdle I am facing, Haiti crisis, my family, realizing that people whom I thought were friends were just there for a season.

But I know everything happens for a reason…He makes all things beautiful in His time. That’s my assurance and I am going to live up to it and I will not quit, and neither will these dang resolutions. One day is for the thief and the other for the owner.

So you, live, love, find faith, and give. You can start by investing in the Haiti crisis. I have dedicated part of my paycheck to it. It’s a new year, a new season, a new reason to live.

One love. One peace.

El Commencement

This is the beginning of a new blog out of three previously created and shut down because I just can not manage or understand blogs.

Why did I start a new one? That’s the question. I started it as a medium of releasing stress.

A semester packed with 21 credit-hour’s, an internship, working as an event staff for athletics, an RA, and then being Chinwe.

It is a mouthful of things to do at one time, and to tell the truth it is.

When people say, “hey Chinwe how’s it going?”, “It’s going on great.” I started out saying.

Then people started saying, “You always look tired nowadays, even though you look good”, or “I need to schedule an appointment to even hang out with you”, and I finally had to break down and say, “LIFE!” That’s what happens when real-life comes knocking on your door.

I could have been chillin’ as usual. Classes, study, chill with my residents and friends, hang out during the weekend, probably be too tired to wake up for Monday.

However, now, I am constantly on the go. No time to breath.

Few years back, I was pleading that real-life should not come knocking on my door. “Just a few more mistakes”, I asked, “Just a little more carelessness.”

One starts to see real-life as a curse, an advent to midlife crisis. I see it as the real-thing, as what people will say, “Now, that’s what’s up.”

It is really what’s up. It is really the hard knock on reality’s door.

I don’t know what whoever reading this believes in, whether, Atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Free-thinker, Jewish, or Muslim, even if you believe you are just an empty soul. There is that gut feeling that you experience inside of you telling you this is the real thing.

And when we go through this phase, we need outlets to relax and recuperate. Family, religion/spirituality, Friends, exercise, a stress ball. Anything to tune you out to make you feel better, even this WordPress blog.

And now, I return back to work and studying for my nutrition exam.

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To be "who", is to have what no one can have....

To be "who", is to have what no one can have....

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