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To be "who", is to have what no one can have….

Tragedy and its careless spews

“As the night falls, let it not fall on your cold fragile body, let the lights not deem the strength in your eyes. Don’t let the rude awakening of reality ruin your daydream, nor the shrieks and tears from the wailing mothers childless arms. For in moments like this our strength and faith is tested, and perseverance leads us to a new life”.


It amazes me how people comfort others during times of tragedies. Their first words are, God knows what He is doing, or the end times are here…REPENT!!!! When do we ever just shut up and mourn with those in pain; Job’s friends sat with him without saying anything. However, many Christians are quick to judge and mount on their self-made pulpit with their hands slamming the banister, and spewing condemnations and forewarnings.

We look at the events that have occurred in the past few months, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Tunisia and Japan. There is no doubt these occurances are significant, but should we be worried, NO!!! God has given knowledge of several end time occurances, but ther is one thing we should know, “He is sovereign – Everything is under God’s control because God is original authority” – My pastor (Jerry Gillis). He is soverign over nations and over people, so we should not fear.

Though it says nation would rise against nation, famine and other natural disasters will occur during the last days. However, as Christians, we should be sharing a message of HOPE, of the gift of salvation. When we begin spewing out comments that the last days are coming on the street corners, on our facebook, the non-Christians would have more resistance to the gospel of Christ.

The next years, months, days, hours and minutes, are in the hands of God as He sums it up in Jesus Christ. Let us not bring judgement before it’s appointed time. Let us share a message of Love, Hope and Peace. Let us start living holy lives. I personally see all this as a sign that life is short, and that I have to work on my race with God. A lot of people do not the opportunity to know God and His saving Grace. I have had the chance of knowing about his love, but I live in a “religious illusion state of mind”. Surrendering all these worldly possessions is one of my biggest problems, but if that will hold me from heaven, I HAVE TO GIVE IT UP!!! No more fist pumping on Saturdays and hand worshiping on Sundays….I have to choose one.

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To be "who", is to have what no one can have....

To be "who", is to have what no one can have....

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