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Big Up! Christian Reggae Music


I have always known there was a connection between Reggae and Christianity – however we should overlook the secular portrayal of reggae music and celebrate the use of reggae in the Christian music industry.

On facebook I follow the hip-hop singer Andy Mineo aka. C-Lite who was featured on Lecrae’s “Background” single on his Rehab album – which is amazing. Okay, back to the who I follow, C-Lite was on a recent trip to Florida for a concert and took a picture of Benjah. Me the inquisitive person, did a lot of research and bu-yah!! Benjah is a GRAMMY nominated and Dove Award-winning songwriter, producer and Christian-reggae musician.  If you ever want to be taken from a different dimension of worship and enlightenment of God’s love and commands for us, he and Dillavou another acclaimed Christian-reggae musician, who has done a lot of collaborations with Benjah under the project, "LOVD ONES”, are the people you should be listening to.

Following Jah (Jehovah), from Benjah and Dillavou’s “Come Follow” has to do with a lot of abandonment of the material things of the world and a redirection of our perspective to God. For you it can mean a change of direction from the negative to a positive – personally you would know how it translates to you. Both musicians have shared their transformation from the world and their love for reggae to a devotion to Christ.

 Dillavou and Benjah 

Dillavou and Benjah

Listen to their LOVD ONES

Even if you are not a follower of Christ, you would enjoy their beats and lyrics.

Peace up BREDREN!!!


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2 thoughts on “Big Up! Christian Reggae Music

  1. Awesome information in this article i visit the site as “”. A complete site for enjoy music for christian raggae music, benjam leory thom and many other rocking music.

  2. Christian music is always really entertaining for any one. Music sound and singing part is really great. Thanks for this post. Ultimately, Benjah music creation is always have some different and unique entertaining stuff.

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To be "who", is to have what no one can have....

To be "who", is to have what no one can have....

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