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To be "who", is to have what no one can have….

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Springing Forward….

Whenever spring comes, I always feel the need to try something different. Maybe a new me, setting new guidelines, new clothes, new nail polish, a new drink, a new hangout spot….maybe new friends.

I am officially on springbreak for the next 5days (weekends included) and I will make the most of my time. Heading to the city with my sister to join the other sister for some quality-sisterly-time. Whenever it’s me and my girls, we always make it happen. And when I mean make it happen, does not necessarily mean hopping for bar/club…it’s really quality time. City shopping, Nigerian food tasting and the usual…arguments (it’s one of our display of affections).

So, with this springing forward, I am embarking on a journey to my sketchbook. I haven’t touched my sketch book in over a year but with the recent perking up of the environment, my attitude, the ARISE Fashion week in Nigeria and my subscriptions to VOGUE and HARPERS bazaar….I am pouring out my energy to more sketching and even applied for an internship back home upon graduation (cross fingers and praying  to God).

Sometimes, I always wonder what my talents are, and then I look at my sketchbook and my poetry. I never thought I could pour so much emotion and myself into these two qualities of mine. And it is about time I really put my foot into it….so wait and see what the AsenathE can do….

Till then, I bid you farewell.



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To be "who", is to have what no one can have....

To be "who", is to have what no one can have....

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